How much is a housesitter paid?

Answer The compensation for a housesitter depends on the tasks the owner wishes the sitter to perform, the location of the home and the arrangement upon which the owner and the sitter agree. Some housesit... Read More »

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How much do I pay a housesitter?

House sitters are typically paid $25 to $100 per day, according to Their actual pay is dependent on the duties their liable for and the average hours worked. For example, a ... Read More »

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Your insurance company paid all of your claims for a surgery you have had and now they are reviewing a diferrent claim for pre-existing condition can they go back on the claims they paid and take the?

AnswerThe answer may depend upon the diagnosis codes used. From your question, it sounds like the procedures had different codes and therefore, the claims should have been coded differently to refl... Read More »

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