How much is a double wide?

Answer Mobile home prices range from $50,000 to a little over $100,000 for double wides. Smaller homes with fewer bedrooms and less square footage are priced at the lower end of the range with larger doub... Read More »

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How much crawl space is in a double-wide?

The vast majority of double-wide trailers do not have a crawlspace. Instead, they are usually placed on a concrete pad or on a leveled base of gravel. Where burrowing by animals is a concern or mor... Read More »

How much does it cost to move a double-wide?

The cost to move a double-wide trailer varies based upon how it has to be removed and where it has to be taken. However, the average cost to move a mobile home, including setup and installation, is... Read More »

How wide is a double-wide trailer?

Double-wide trailers are usually between 20 and 32 feet wide. Each section of a double-wide mobile home is between 10 and 16 feet wide, so that the sections can be towed to the site separately and ... Read More »

How wide is a double garage?

The minimum width for a double garage is about 18 feet. However, many homeowners choose to build their double garages wider to allow for more storage space and or to allow added space for the insta... Read More »