What Are Genuine Levi's Worth in Japan?

Answer In Japan, "American" Levi's are about as worthless as dinner forks. According to Philomena Keet in an article published by University College London, many Japanese consumers seek authentic Japanes... Read More »

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Where is the dollar worth the most?

In absolute numbers, a U.S. dollar is worth most in Zimbabwe. About U.S. $300 will be worth 100 trillion ZWD (Zimbabwe dollar) in Zimbabwe. Spiraling inflation due to frequent wars the country face... Read More »

What was the dollar worth in 1868?

The purchasing power of one dollar in 1868 is equivalent to the purchasing power of approximately $16 in 2010 money. Though periods of deflation occur over time, inflation has always occurred over ... Read More »

How much was the dollar worth in 1860?

According to calculations from the Measuring Worth website, one dollar in 1860 is worth about $26.60 in our current economy. This figure is based on the Consumer Price Index from the U.S. Bureau of... Read More »

What was the U.S. dollar worth in 1980?

The dollar's worth in 1980 was 62 cents, compared to a dollar in 2009. That same 1980 dollar would only purchase 38 cents worth of items in 2009, thus making the 1980 dollar worth 62 cents ($1.00 -... Read More »