How much is a dog walker?

Answer Dog-walking charges vary, depending on how long the walk lasts and whether you have more than one dog that requires walking. A 30-minute walk generally costs about $15.00; a 45-minute walk, about $... Read More »

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How to Become a Dog Walker?

You want to make some money by becoming a Dog Walker? You are used to your own dog but don't know what other dogs may think of your Dog Walking? Read this to know what to do!

What is a CAM walker?

The acronym CAM stands for "controlled ankle motion." A CAM walker is a boot worn by individuals with injuries to the lower leg or foot to prevent further injury and aid healing.AppearanceCAM walke... Read More »

What is a commercial dog walker?

Commercial dog walkers are usually self-employed workers or businesses that offer dog walking and other services. These individuals can often be seen strolling around town walking multiple dogs fro... Read More »