What is the number of U.S. dollars in 1 Iraqi dinar?

Answer One Iraqi dinar (IQD) converts into approximately $0.0008. Conversely, $1 converts into approximately 1,171 Iraqi dinars. Iraq plans to redenominate the dinar in late 2010 to "foster a stable compe... Read More »

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What is an English pound worth in American dollars?

One English "pound sterling" is, as of January 21, 2011, the equivalent of 1.5997 U.S. dollars. Currency rates -- "the rate at which one currency may be converted into another," as defined by the I... Read More »

How much is an Iraq dinar worth?

As of July 2010 foreign exchange rate, about 1,300 Iraqi dinar is equivalent to 1 U.S. dollar. The Iraqi dinar was worth about $3.20 before the United Nations embargo on the country's currency, fol... Read More »

What is worth more: 1898 silver dollars or 1897 silver dollars?

This is a brain teaser disguised as a question about numismatics, or the study of coins. The reader may assume that the question refers to two silver dollars--one minted in the year 1897 and the ot... Read More »

How much was the first dishwasher worth in silver dollars?

You CAN put aluminum in a dishwasher. It's just the risk of chemical reaction caused by some detergents, water supplies, and wash temperatures. Details omitted.