How much is a delivery cost at a birthing center?

Answer Answer I can't say for sure, it really depends on your center and where you live. But I've researched a few in Texas and Oklahoma and they tend to cost between $3000 and 5000. Due to the lack of mo... Read More »

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How to Choose a Birthing Center?

The birth of your baby is a monumental event, and the choices you make today could have a long-term impact on the life of your child. One of the many important decisions you will have to make durin... Read More »

How can a delivery room and a birthing room different?

Im sorry but i am trying to study for my child care exams and i can't find it eeither,im sorry i couldn't help:)

Is advertising a cost center or a profit center?

Advertising, which is part of the marketing budget, is a cost center, according to Nancy Shaver of Experian Marketing. During lean times, marketing budgets are frequently slashed, but this negative... Read More »

How much does the delivery of a baby cost?

it depends on where you live, i live in new zealand and its all free i had a cesarean section nearly three years ago and even that is free AnswerA cesarean section will cost about $15000 and vagina... Read More »