How much is a cover for a Scamp Trailer?

Answer Although the actual price for a Scamp Trailer cover is going to vary on the size of the trailer, the price is most likely going to vary from $493 to around $730.Source:Scamp Travel Trailer

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How to Replace the Brakes on a Scamp Trailer?

All Scamp trailers that are fitted with brakes use electric types operated by an electronic brake controller in the tow vehicle. Scamp models that are 13-feet in length have 7-inch brakes, while 16... Read More »

What's a trailer hitch cover?

if its a ball hitch its a slice in a tennis ball and stick onto ball//as you havent said any info thats the best i can do

How to Cover a Trailer With a Tarp?

Tarps are designed to protect cargo from wind and moisture damage. Many companies that ship freight require tarps on a load before it can leave the loading docks. You can place a tarp on top of car... Read More »

Does your car insurance cover a small utility trailer towed behind the car in New Hampshire or do you need special insurance?

Answer Check your homeowners policy and your vehicle policy, it varies from state to state, and circumstance to circumstance. ie; trailer is parked in your yard and a tree falls on it, or you are ... Read More »