How much is a copyright for photography?

Answer US Copyright fees range from $30 USD to $220 USD. More information is available at...

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What does Copyright in photography mean?

It means that the photograph has been protected by copyright laws and any use of the photo must be done with the permission of the copyright holder. There are 2 aspects to the copyright. An unregi... Read More »

Possible to copyright photography business name?

You cannot copyright a business name, but you can register it as a trademark.

Can you copyright graffiti photography?

Yes you can. However bear in mind that even though you hold the copyright to the photograph you do not own the subject material of the photo.

Do all items have to have the copyright logo to be considered a copyright?

Under U.S. law, copyright protection attaches automatically when a work is created. Use of the © symbol has not been required since 1989. Using the copyright symbol can be beneficial, however, bec... Read More »