Hypnotic party pills?

Answer Drink loads lucozade or any other glucose drink even if if does make you puke,if you get any pain in your stomache you've probably had a reaction to it,of it doesn't go if about 7 hours go tot he d... Read More »

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What is the pink soda called it's in a glass bottle, like a coco cola one bottle?

Do you mean Cream Soda? I have seen both clear and pink cream soda.

Flavored sparkling water in glass bottle brand in the UK. bottle was about 7 to 8 inches tall thin at the top?

Most supermarkets sell flavoured water, go and have a look

How much is a water bottle, wine bottles, soda cans and juice cartoons worth at the bottle depot.?

Depending on where you are, what state....Depends on what deposit it says on the bottles-noting too, they must be washed,c leaned before reaping such deposit, usually .05-.10 per can or bottleIf y... Read More »