How much is a bottle of dreft?

Answer The price of a bottle of Dreft laundry detergent depends on the type and size. A basic 50-ounce, 32-load bottle of high efficiency detergent costs approximately $12.50 as of April 2010, while the ... Read More »

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Can you use dreft in a high efficiency washer?

On One Hand: Dreft Makes High-Efficiency DetergentDreft now makes a high-efficiency detergent specifically designed for high-efficiency washers, which use less water than traditional washing machin... Read More »

Is it a MUST to wash your baby's clothes with Dreft, or is any natural detergent good?

dont waste your money on dreft. As long as its clear and free (of scents, perfumes, etc), it's fine.

What is the pink soda called it's in a glass bottle, like a coco cola one bottle?

Do you mean Cream Soda? I have seen both clear and pink cream soda.

Flavored sparkling water in glass bottle brand in the UK. bottle was about 7 to 8 inches tall thin at the top?

Most supermarkets sell flavoured water, go and have a look