How much is a average electric bill for a restaurant?

Answer At an upper scale chain restaraunt I work at with all gas cooking, it averages about 5 thousand a month.

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What is the average gas and electric bill for a two bedroom?

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How much should an average electric bill cost.?

It all depends on the number of electronic appliances you have. Some people say it doesn't go lower than $100 a month for them, but if you're alone and if it's just a small apartment, I believe you... Read More »

What is the average cost of an electric bill for a one bedroom apartment?

What is the average electric bill for a 2 bedroom condominium at Penderbrook in Fairfax VA?

You can ask the local electric company in Fairfax, Virginia what for the average electric bill for the Penderbrook complex, for a two-bedroom unit.They may or may not be willing to give you that in... Read More »