How much is a Porta-Potty in L.A.?

Answer Porta-Potties in the Los Angeles area generally rent for $100 to $225 a month, a price that includes one weekly cleaning. One-day rates for weddings and other special events range from $100 to $200... Read More »

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Do I need a Porta Potty for 30 people?

A venue that does not have restrooms will need to order a Porta-Potty before hosting a 30-person event. Most Porta-Potties contain a 50- to 60-gallon holding tank and can fill up after 90 to 100 us... Read More »

Who invented the porta potty?

The person to invent a porta potty was a man by the name of George Harding in the 1960's. George Harding was part founder of a company named PolyJohn Enterprises. Porta potties are portable alterna... Read More »

How do I clean a porta potty?

Portable toilets, nicknamed "porta potties," are a very convenient way to provide restroom facilities to guests at an outdoor event or to take along on a camping trip. Waste is stored in a tank, wh... Read More »

When was the porta potty invented?

The Porta Potty portable toilet was invented in the 1940s in Long Beach, California. It was invented to eliminate the need for shipbuilders to journey back to the dock to use the bathroom facilitie... Read More »