How do they get the subway trains into the subway 10 points for a smile!?

Answer The ones I normally take seem to have come via the sewer system

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Where can I buy footlong hot dog buns near atl , ga. 30294?

MTL Foods in Macon, Georgia sells the foot long buns, as well as the foot long hot dogs, and other speciality vending items

How much is a subway ticket in new york city?

In 2009, New York City Transit raised the price of a subway fare from $2 to $2.25. Metro Cards are available and allow unlimited rides for a fixed cost.Source:MTA Subway TicketsNYC Subway System

How much does it cost to open a Subway?

According to the website, the price to start a Subway restaurant franchise can range between $114,800 and $258,300. The cost of opening a Subway depends on the location and the physical ... Read More »

How much does a Subway franchise cost?

To get just a license for a Subway franchise costs $15,000, according to GlobalBX. However, you must also pay 8 percent each year in royalties on gross income. Subway estimates it costs between $80... Read More »