How much is a 20lb bag of topsoil?

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How much topsoil is in a 40-lb. bag?

Although bags may vary by brand, a typical 40-lb. bag of topsoil will cover about 10 square feet of space. If a certain flower or plant requires a thicker layer of topsoil, that coverage area may b... Read More »

How much is topsoil?

The cost of topsoil depends on location. In some areas, it costs $12 to $18 a cubic yard, with deliveries costing $15 to $60 depending on distance. Other areas may charge $20 to $30 a cubic yard... Read More »

How Much Topsoil Do I Add for New Sod?

Laying sod correctly in your yard will take several days in all. You'll need to remove all old sod, vegetation and debris on the site, and ensure the area is ready to lay sod. Whether or not you ad... Read More »

How much topsoil to add?

The topsoil should be amended to the existing soil so as to level out the yard well. The soil will settle some as the wood materials left from the stump removal decay and settle over time. So leavi... Read More »