How much is a 1988 Olympic coin worth?

Answer A 1988 Olympic silver dollar is worth about $18, in brilliant uncirculated condition, and about $19, if it is a proof coin. A brilliant uncirculated coin is like a circulated strike, but with absol... Read More »

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What is the value of a 1988 Space Shuttle 5 Commemorative coin?

The Marshall Islands 1988 copper-nickel $5 featuring shuttle Discovery may be worth up to about $4 depending on amount of wear and collector demand.You might also try a library for a copy of the St... Read More »

How much is the USS Olympia coin worth?

deployed in the middle east with a marine special forces unit providing medical support!

What is my half-dollar coin worth?

The value of a 50-cent piece depends on its condition and type, according to American Coin. Kennedy half dollars are worth only about 70 cents as of 2010, while Barbers (1892-1915) command about $5... Read More »

How much is a silver coin dollar worth?

A 1928 "Peace" silver dollar, minted in Philadelphia to celebrate the end of World War I, is worth $500. An 1878 "Morgan" silver dollar, minted in Carson City, Nev., is worth $125. A current silver... Read More »