How much is a 1982 Ibanez Destroyer worth?

Answer The 1982 Ibanez Destroyer electric guitar, known as a favorite among 1980's "big hair" heavy metal bands, is worth upwards of $800 to $1,000, depending on condition and color. Vintage Destroyers ro... Read More »

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How to Find Out How Much a 1982 Chevy Truck Is Worth?

The biggest obstacle to finding out the value of a 1982 Chevy truck will be the model year. Kelley Blue Book only goes back as far as 1990. Several other reliable sources exist, however, that shoul... Read More »

How big is a us navy destroyer?

The last USN all gun destroyer was the Sherman class, and it was about 407 feet long. The USS Turner Joy, preserved in Washington state can be seen there.

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This powerful finisher of Petey Williams formerly of TNA is a very simple but VERY powerful move.

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Destroyers (and destroyer escorts) are the workhorses of the navy. They are designed to attack both sea and shore targets. Destroyers provide screening support for an aircraft carrier group. They h... Read More »