How much is a 1973 quarter worth?

Answer This date is still found in circulation, contains no silver and is only face value.

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How much is a quarter from 1973?

Usually, only 25 cents. Unless it has any odd features like only one side stamped or double stamped ect...

How much is a 1973 quarter cost?

Is the Delaware 1994 quarter misprinted in gold worth anything?

The U.S. mint did not start making state quarters until 1999, so a Delaware quarter marked 1994 would have a misprinted date--a valuable error if this is the case. Before that, all modern quarters ... Read More »

What were you doing in 1973?

I turned 12 in 1973. I figured out that girls didn't have Cooties anymore. lol. Playing Wireball, Handball, Stepball, Hockey, Football with friends. And listening to most of these songs on AM radio... Read More »