How much is a 1950's Frigidaire refrigerator worth?

Answer It totally depends on what you have. Everything produced in the 1950's was hierarchical. If you drove around in a Cadillac you were definitely wealthy, If you drove around in a base model Chevy, yo... Read More »

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How do you change the evaporator on a Frigidaire refrigerator and what do you need to do it?

Answer "you" don't, unless you have been trained in some sort of refrigeration/air conditioning repair.It takes a technician (as in, someone with knowledge, not necessarily a certified repair pers... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Frigidaire Refrigerator Icemakers?

Many Frigidaire refrigerator models are equipped with ice makers and dispensers. The ice maker freezes water from the water line into cube trays. When the cubes are frozen, they drop into the ice t... Read More »

Where can you find a schematic for your Frigidaire refrigerator?

Also check the back of the unit. Sometines the diagram will be taped there

How much could you get for a 1960s frigidaire refrigerator in working condition?