How much is a 1950 hotpoint refrigerator worth?

Answer how much

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How much is a 1950's Frigidaire refrigerator worth?

It totally depends on what you have. Everything produced in the 1950's was hierarchical. If you drove around in a Cadillac you were definitely wealthy, If you drove around in a base model Chevy, yo... Read More »

How much is a 1950's ge refrigerator worth still in working condition?

If it is in working order with everything pristine (chrome, paint etc).... restored like new.... depending on the model 500 to 2000 if the buyer can show it off...If it is rusty or beat up... if th... Read More »

Age of hotpoint csx22gr refrigerator?

I am not positive, but I think I have had mine for about 16 years now. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less. That is the general area though.

Who makes the Hotpoint refrigerator?

General Electric (GE) manufactures the Hotpoint refrigerator, which are available at many retail stores where General Electric appliances are sold. GE also makes other kitchen appliances, such as m... Read More »