How much is a 1917 mercury dime?

Answer A 1917 mercury dime with a mint mark of Denver "D" is valued at $4.50 to $77, and the San Francisco "S" mint mark is valued at $1 to $41.00. The values could be higher or lower depending on the con... Read More »

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How much is a 1942 mercury dime worth?

The value of a circulated 1942 mercury dime is based on the current price of silver. As of December 2009 the market price of silver is just over $18 per ounce, so a silver dime is worth over $1.30.... Read More »

How much silver weight is in a Mercury Liberty dime?

There are .07234 oz. of pure silver in a Mercury Liberty dime. The coins each have a total weight of 2.5 g, or 0.08038 oz. Mercury Liberty dimes are composed of 90 percent silver and 10 percent cop... Read More »

How much is a 1917 Indian Head nickel worth?

The nickel from 1913 through 1938 was the Five Cent Indian Head, but it is often called a "Buffalo Nickel." The value of a 1917 Indian Head nickel can vary greatly by condition and mint mark. In ge... Read More »

How much is a dime bag of dirt bud?

Why waste your time? Do you enjoy headaches and lethargy? Get good quality nugs and save yourself. Anyways as to your question. Nickel, dime, and dub are all names based on how much they cost. Nick... Read More »