Apple iphone 3g 16gb hsdpa quadband unlocked phone250 euros package content 1 apple iPhone 3g 16gb phone 1 a1205 usb charger 1 usb cable 1 stereo handfree 1 user's guide 1 extra battery?

Answer no.

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How much is a 16gb iPhone 3g?

It depends whether you want a new or refurbished one. A refurbished iPhone 3G (16G) is only around $50 not including service.

How much is the iPhone 4S 16GB?

$199 for a 16GB with upgrade, $299 32GB with upgrade, $399 64GB with upgrade but if you are planning to buy it without a contract it will end up costing around 650 like at

How much can be stored on a iphone 3gs 16gb?

A 16GB iPhone means it has 16 gigabytes of memory. It depends how much music you have as to how much room you need. I have an 8 GB and I had to delete a bunch of apps on my phone because my music l... Read More »

How much is a 16GB iPhone 4 from Verizon?

the iphone 4 is now only available in 8gb and it's 99 on apple's site + contract