How can you tell how much space is being used up by your iTunes...I am trying to figure out how much space I will need to transfer my iTunes library to an iPod and which iPod to select?

Answer Answer down the bottom of the i-tunes home page, there shold be a bar with blue, orange and white smaller bars inside it, that will tell you who much space there is left.

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How much could I get out of my iPod?

How much would a iPod be?

How much music can fit on a 32-gig iPod?

The 32 GB Apple iPod can hold 7,000 songs, with up to 30 hours of music playback. This iPod also can hold 40 hours of video, with up to six hours of video playback.References:Apple: iPod Touch

How much are iPod Shuffles?

At the Apple store and authorized dealers, the GB iPod Shuffle has a $49 price tag, while the 2GB model costs $69 (2009 prices).Source:Apple iPod Shuffle