How much is a 14K gold bangle worth?

Answer A 14K gold bangle bracelet is worth about $68 as of 2009. However, if you sell it to someone who is a gold buyer or refiner you should expect a smaller amount because they usually take about 30 per... Read More »

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How much is 475 net grams of gold worth?

As of May 2010, 475 grams of 18 Karat gold is worth $13,827.44 in US dollars, or $10,754.67 for 14 Karat, based on the daily London Fix Value. The value of gold changes over time and is adjusted ac... Read More »

How much are gold chains worth?

The value of a gold chain depends on its weight, its purity (24 karat is 99 percent pure), the day you sell it, and where you sell it. In 2009, the price of gold fluctuated between $820 and $1,216 ... Read More »

How much gold is a yo-yo worth in RuneScape?

According to RSDemon Online, the yo-yo item was included as a RuneScape Holiday Item for Christmas. Since it was widely given out for free and cannot be traded between players, it is worth 0 gold ... Read More »

How much were gold coins worth in the 1930s?

Gold coins from 1930 vary in worth from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The condition the coins are in will make their values fluctuate. A mint-condition Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle can be worth $... Read More »