FANNY PACKS: what is the proper way to wear a fanny pack pack in the front or pack in the back?

Answer Uh, one on each side, duh. Double barrel action.

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How much alcohol is in Budweiser?

According to Montclair State University, a Budweiser has 4.82 percent alcohol content. The alcohol content of a Budweiser is lower than some other popular brands, such as Coors, Heineken Dark, Mich... Read More »

What is the pack that professionals singers use with the earphones used for like on tv you see a pack at their waist what type of system is this they have ear phones also they use what is this called?

The Google Nexus One Android cellphone is available via Amazon.

Who handles Budweiser's advertising?

DDB handles the advertising duties for Anheuser Busch, the creator of the Budweiser brand. DDB is a global advertising agency that began working on the Budweiser advertising campaign in the mid 199... Read More »

How to Make a Budweiser Cocktail?

You've always wanted to have the taste of a good, cool, Budweiser. But just also wanted some nice "Flair", to your beer. Read on to find out how to spice it up a bit!