How much is Driver's Ed?

Answer Drivers ed fees depend on which state and what school you will use. Online courses can be up to $99 in California and as low as $39 in New York.Source:Driver Education Costs

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If you have 4 autos and 4 drivers can you list your 2 teen drivers as part time drivers on 2 of the cars?

Answer Depends on your insurance company. Some require one primary driver to each car if you have 4 cars with 4 people living in the house. But some allow you to list the parents as primary driver... Read More »

How much is car insurance for new drivers?

On One Hand: They Pay MoreNew drivers, especially those age 16 to 19, are more likely to get into a car accident than any other drivers. As a result, the cost of car insurance for teen-agers can be... Read More »

How much do NASCAR drivers make?

NASCAR salaries are largely unknown. The salaries can vary according to sponsorship, prize money and other obligations. The average salary for a NASCAR driver is thought to be around $1 million ann... Read More »

How much do FedEx drivers earn?

The salary of a FedEx driver depends upon qualifications and seniority. According to Braun Consulting News, the pay scale varies between $40,000 and $70,000 a year. FedEx drivers are paid a set sal... Read More »