How much is Clearwire Internet?

Answer Clearwire high-speed Internet costs $29.99 a month as of October 2009. Additional phone services increases the price to $49 a month. Including the PC card increases the price to $69.99 a month.Sour... Read More »

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Can my Internet router work with Clearwire?

An Internet Router will work with Clearwire, which is a high-speed Internet Service Provider (ISP). You do not need a special router in order to work with Clearwire Internet service. Clearwire us... Read More »

Do I need a special router for Clearwire internet service?

You do not need a special router to share a Clearwire Internet connection, according to Clearwire. You must, however, connect your Clearwire modem to the router and set up the router based on the m... Read More »

How much do you pay for internet and GPS and other stuff that connect to internet on the IPhone 4 with Fido?

How to Uninstall Clearwire?

Clearwire provides high speed wireless Internet access, called Clear, for Windows 7 based laptops. For the service to work a PC card is plugged into the PC slot of a laptop computer that acts as a ... Read More »