How much does surfing coast in US dollars and in Australian dollars?

Answer I'm in Georgia. Can you prove they forced you to buy? They wouldn't give you the furniture if you didn't pay the extra? They are covering their assets. If you think you got ripped keep on trucking ... Read More »

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How much does an you phone 4 cost in euros?

How much is 350 us dollars in Australian dollars?

How much does an iPhone 3G S cost in euros just for 32gb?

Just because you stole it you aren't worth answering. Good day

How much is 149 dollars in the UK?

The exchange rates constantly vary, so the value would depend upon a daily or hourly rate. Examples: On July 25, 2009, $149 USD would have been worth £90.29 (£1 = $1.65) On July 25, 2011, $149... Read More »