How much is 4 tablespoon in liquid how much liquid would that be?

Answer 2 ounces.A quarter of a cup.

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Do americans really drink that much liquid?

Is there a liquid that will take the oil off of something (I need nonpolar liquid to soak sunflower seeds)?

Rather than go through all the trouble, why not simply eat sunflower seeds that have not been shelled? The only oil on those is the natural oil in the seed itself.

How much liquid cia do you take?

Not especially. While it is possible to be hired as an FBI agent with a CJ degree, the FBI generally looks for people with education and background in law (as in a juris doctor degree from a law sc... Read More »

How much liquid can a bladder hold?

The average human bladder can hold fluid in the amount of 400 to 500 ml or 14 to 17 fluid oz. The urge to urinate usually comes when the bladder is between 150 to 200 ml or 5 to 7 fluid oz.Source:M... Read More »