How much is 2gB in phone usage?

Answer no less than 350 hours

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Is cell phone usage during a storm as dangerous as corded phone usage?

No. it is much less dangerous it is not connected to a cord with electricity which is connected to an electricity pole which is high off the ground and lightning goes after something high off the g... Read More »

How does Internet usage on phone get used?

The more pages you view the data you use. If you stay on 1 page, it wont use data.

Does cell phone usage cause cancer?

On One Hand: No Says American Cancer SocietyAccording to the American Cancer Society, of the 30 studies that looked at the link between brain cancer and cellphone use, none showed a firm correlatio... Read More »

How to curb cell phone usage?

PRE-PAIDS are the best teaching tool. when minutes are gone, they are done till next time. We have tracphone and the plan lets them txt for almost nothing so my kid already learned how to make ... Read More »