How much is 1 meter?

Answer One meter is one hundred centimeters; it is slightly longer than a yard (3 feet). Since 1983, one meter has equalled the length or path traveled by light in a vacuum at 299,792,458ths of a second (... Read More »

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How to Test Internet Speed With a Speed Meter and Internet Connection Meter?

Testing your Internet speed is relatively easy to do thanks to the numerous websites that test it for you. Among some of the sites that test Internet connection speed are and, ... Read More »

What is an amp meter used for?

An ampmeter is used to measure the rate or speed at which electrons flow through an electrical circuit. This unit of measure is known as an ampere, or amp for short. The rate of electron flow can t... Read More »

What is a ppm meter?

A peak program meter, or PPM meter, is an electronic device used to measure audio signals. While similar to a Volume Unit (VU) meter, a PPM meter offers superior performance and greater accuracy.Id... Read More »

How many cm are in a meter?

"Cm" is the abbreviation for centimeter, which means 1/100th of a meter, so a meter contains 100 centimeters (100 cm = 1 m).SourceUS Metric Association