How much is 1 meter?

Answer One meter is one hundred centimeters; it is slightly longer than a yard (3 feet). Since 1983, one meter has equalled the length or path traveled by light in a vacuum at 299,792,458ths of a second (... Read More »

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How much is an American meter?

An American meter is a unit of measurement used in conjunction with the metric system. Each meter consists of 1000 millimeters, and in yards, measures 1.093 yards per meter.References:National Inst... Read More »

How much sand is in a cubic meter?

Variables such as particle size, moisture content and density determine the weight of sand. Loose dry sand weighs 1,442kg per cubic meter. Packed wet sand weighs 2,082kg per cubic meter. Other dens... Read More »

How much is a meter compared to a kilometer?

There are 1000 meters in a kilometer. Therefore, 1 meter is 1/1000 of a kilometer. A kilometer, in turn, is equal to 6/10 of a mile. A meter is roughly 3 feet.References:The Math League: Metric Uni... Read More »

How much does soil cost per meter?

A cubic meter of soil varies widely in cost. Low grade soil may be available at no cost from construction sites. High grade topsoil typically costs $12 to $18 per cubic yard which is equivalent to ... Read More »