How much internet time is too much internet time?

Answer It depends on you. If you use it just for FB or G+ etc. 2hrs are enough. But if you're an online worker, student, or have blog/ forum then maybe 5-10hrs.

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How much jail time will a first time offender get if they are caught in an internet underage sex sting?

Answer If I were in that position, I would tell them to report it immediately! I would tell them, if they don't, I will. That person's life and/or well-being may actually be in danger. After readi... Read More »

Tell me how much time u spend on internet everyday?

I work via the internet, so I spend an average of between 12 - 14 hours online each day. In the recent past, it was much more! ;-)Sometimes I joke that the internet was invented just for me... I... Read More »

Why do Wikipedia administrators spend so much time on the internet?

Because they're bored and stupidly doing nothing. Why you think they waste their time everybody trying to block "sockpuppets"? lmao!

What are the negative effects of spending too much time on the internet ?

Well, the internet is a wonderous thing. Like you said, you can use it for almost anything, and the answer to everything you want to know is right at your fingertips. The likelihood for all of us i... Read More »