How much interest can you make on retirement accounts for a rollover?

Answer According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), there is no limit on the amount you can rollover from one retirement account to another. However, if the retirement account party sends you a check ... Read More »

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How to Rollover Retirement Accounts?

Rolling over existing retirement plan assets requires first evaluating your financial situation. If you are changing jobs, you may take retirement savings with you by rolling them into a self-direc... Read More »

Are our retirement accounts safe?

The safety of your retirement account depends on the type that you have. The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions state that Individual Retirement Accounts are currently insured up... Read More »

Are SEC 125 retirement accounts deductible?

Section 125 plans are not deductible. However, these plans, also called "Cafeteria Plans," allow employees to put aside funds in an account for certain benefits on a pre-tax basis. For instance, an... Read More »

Can a spouse get retirement accounts in a divorce?

Depending on the state, type of account and situation, a spouse can get retirement accounts in a divorce. For example, in Alaska benefits from such accounts as the Public Employees and Teachers Ret... Read More »