How much ink does a Pelikan fountain pen hold?

Answer Pelikan is German company, founded in 1838, that handcrafts fine writing fountain pens. There are many different Pelikan fountain pen styles, and ink capacity varies with each style. A Pelikan fou... Read More »

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How much does 16 gbs hold?

It depends on the size of what you want to put on it but as the Galaxy phones also have the ability to put in additional memory by simply adding an inexpensive memory chip that you can get in many ... Read More »

How much does a hay net hold?

Hay nets are mesh string bags for feeding hay to horses and come in various types and sizes. Most are designed to accommodate up to 2 flakes of 3 wire baled hay. Flakes can vary widely in weight de... Read More »

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How much does a hogshead hold?

A hogshead can refer to a unit of volume or a container with a hogshead capacity. Traditionally, the actual volume of a hogshead varied between 46 and 100 U.S. gallons or more depending on the prod... Read More »