How much information can a USB flash drive hold?

Answer USB flash drives have different capacities ranging from 8MB to 2GB with new sizes being developed. The storage potential can be estimated by know how much storage each MB really offers you. One MB ... Read More »

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How much information can a 64MB flash drive hold?

A 64MB flash drive is not much space considering there are flash drives that hold 8GB of information. That's 128 64MB flash drives. A 64MB flash drive can hold about 10 MP3 files or about 821,242,9... Read More »

How many MB can a 1-GB flash drive hold?

There are 1,024 MB (or megabytes) in every 1 GB (gigabyte), so a 1-gigabyte flash drive holds 1,024 megabytes. A megabyte is equal to 1,048,576 bytes (a byte is the basic form of measuring data).Re... Read More »

How much can a 256 MB flash drive hold?

A 256MB USB hard drive can hold more data than a typical 1.44MB floppy disk. It can store more than 2,600 100KB-documents, for example. Assuming a typical song is 3MB, it can store roughly 85 music... Read More »

How much does a one GB flash drive hold?

A flash drive is a portable device for storing files. The amount of data you can store on a 1 GB flash drive depends on the file types and sizes. estimates that it can hold 640 photogra... Read More »