How much income support am i entitled to?

Answer Go to Citizens Advice - they will help you through the forms (which can be daunting at best) and advise you about every Benefit you are entitled to. It all depends on what savings you have (as wel... Read More »

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Is a Connecticut Inmate Entitled to a State Income Tax Refund?

According to the Connecticut Department of Correction, an inmate can receive funds from tax refunds, including state income tax refunds, into his personal account, which is administered by the Inma... Read More »

How much income is taken for child support in California?

The percentage of income required for child support varies depends on the amount of time the child spends with each parent as well as all income sources. You can estimate the payment required from ... Read More »

Federal Income Tax & Child Support?

Child support is the financial obligation a noncustodial parent has to his children. For federal income tax purposes, neither parent owes taxes on these payments beyond initial income taxes withhel... Read More »

Is family support deductible for income taxes?

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), child support payments are not deductible. Alimony payments that meet the IRS's definition of alimony are deductible for the payer and count as inco... Read More »