How much income can i make before filing taxes?

Answer If you are single and under 65 years old, and you make less than $9,350 year, you do not have to file your federal income taxes. However, this changes if you are self-employed; you must report any ... Read More »

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How much are you allowed to make before filing taxes?

A single person is required to file taxes if his income exceeds $12,500 within a single tax year. The taxation begins once the person's income has surpassed the IRS standard deduction of $5,450 and... Read More »

How much can my dependent child make before filing income tax?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, a dependent child must file a tax return if she has more than $5,700 in earned income (i.e., income from a job or business) or more than $950 in unearned ... Read More »

How much income can I make before filling taxes?

The income threshold above which you must file a tax return changes annually and varies depending on your filing status and your age. For 2009, a single person under 65 was required to file if his ... Read More »

How much do you have to make before an employer takes out federal income taxes?

According to the 2010 IRS Publication 15-T, a single person who is paid weekly can make $145 a week, and a single person with bi-weekly pay can make $280, without being liable for federal tax withh... Read More »