How much in taxes will be taken from military pay?

Answer Individuals who serve in the military generally pay the same federal tax rates as everyone else. However, there are a number of exceptions to the rules.Specific exclusions and deductions can decrea... Read More »

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Does the military pay taxes?

Members of the military pay taxes on salary, but receive certain tax benefits. For example, soldiers serving in a combat zone are not taxed on any income earned while in combat. Military retirement... Read More »

What percent of US taxes goes to the military?

20% is directly attributed to the Department of Defense (DOD), but there are ancillary things to consider as well: 1) If congress spends 20% of its time debating military issues, should 20% of the... Read More »

How to File Military Taxes?

Military personnel must file federal income tax returns whether they live in the United States or abroad. They may, however, be eligible for tax breaks, particularly for serving in designated comba... Read More »

Do military people pay income taxes?

Yes. However, if an enlisted person and warrant officer serves any part of a month in a combat zone, the income for that month is excluded from income taxes. The same is true for commissioned offic... Read More »