How much in assets can I report on my FAFSA and still qualify for Financial Aid?

Answer Unfortunately, you will not be eligible for Pell grants as a Grad. I'm sure you prob know that though.Also, it doesn't matter what your income is "to still qualify for financial aid". You will be... Read More »

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Hi people,how can i get financial help 4 a private college when i dont qualify 4 financial aid&my credit sucks?

1) Don't go to a private college then. If you can't afford it, then don't go. You can get just as great education from a state school.2) If you don't qualify for financial aid, talk to your school.... Read More »

How Much Money Can You Make & Still Qualify for Welfare?

The U.S. federal assistance program known as welfare began during the Great Depression of the 1930s, when the federal government responded to the needs of an enormous number of families who had lit... Read More »

How to Qualify for FAFSA?

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is basically an online application for college students or upcoming college freshman. Prospective students complete the form to figure out if th... Read More »

Helpful Hints on How to Qualify for FAFSA?

While attending college is a great aspiration, paying for college can be a source of great exasperation. Going to college usually means finding a way to pay for it. The first step toward receiving ... Read More »