How much hydrogen is in our bodies?

Answer Hydrogen makes up 10 percent of the human body. Roughly 60 percent of the human body is water, and the molecular composition of water is composed of two covalently bonded hydrogen atoms and one oxy... Read More »

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What do our bodies derive hydrogen&carbon from?

The building blocks of life are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Those four elements alone constitute about 90 percent of the human body. Our bodies can derive those elements from basically ... Read More »

What is the pressure of a hydrogen storage supply tank for a hydrogen fuel cell?

Current fuel cells typically store hydrogen gas at 5,000 pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure. State-of-the-art tanks with a 10,000 psi capacity are in development. Cryogenic storage of liquid... Read More »

What Are Car Bodies Made Of?

Car bodies are made of a number of different materials, from steel to plastic; and usually they are made of more than one material. Manufacturers are continually seeking new materials or composites... Read More »

Why do our bodies need cholesterol?

The American Heart Association describes cholesterol as "just one of the many substances created and used by our bodies to keep us healthy." With all of the bad press cholesterol gets, it might com... Read More »