How much hydrogen is in our bodies?

Answer Hydrogen makes up 10 percent of the human body. Roughly 60 percent of the human body is water, and the molecular composition of water is composed of two covalently bonded hydrogen atoms and one oxy... Read More »

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What do our bodies derive hydrogen&carbon from?

The building blocks of life are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Those four elements alone constitute about 90 percent of the human body. Our bodies can derive those elements from basically ... Read More »

How much hydrogen is in a gel battery?

A well-stored gel battery will generally contain hydrogen gas at a 1 percent concentration. While this is 100 times the natural atmospheric concentration, it is one-fourth the level considered a s... Read More »

How much hydrogen& nitrogen are in the atmosphere?

The Earth’s atmosphere contains 78.08 percent nitrogen and 0.00005 percent hydrogen. Nitrogen is the largest component of dry air, and oxygen is the second-largest at 20.95 percent. Air also cont... Read More »

How much is it to refuel a hydrogen powered car?

Hydrogen stations are increasing in density and popularity, but due to state and federal taxes, the price of fuel will change from location to location. Drivers of hydrogen powered cars can find hy... Read More »