How much hp is 11 gross torque?

Answer To convert gross torque to horsepower, simply multiply the torque and the engine speed (rpm), and then divide that number by 5,252. For example, torque x rpm / 5,252 = horsepower. Since a precise e... Read More »

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How to Convert Gross Torque Power Foot-Pounds to Horsepower?

Torque is the product of a force and the distance from a pivot point about which an object rotates. Horsepower is a measure of work done over time. To convert torque to horsepower you must specify ... Read More »

How much did"Armageddon"gross?

The 1998 Michael Bay film "Armageddon" grossed $553,709,788 worldwide; the domestic gross in the United States was $201,578,182. "Armegeddon" grossed over $36 million in its opening weekend alone. ... Read More »

What is the difference between gross sales and gross receipts as far as an audit is concerned?

GROSS RECEIPTS is the total amount received prior to the deduction of any allowances, discounts, credits, etc.GROSS REVENUE is income (at invoice values) received for goods and services over some g... Read More »

How much money did"serenity"gross?

"Serenity," a movie that continues the story of the television show "Firefly," grossed nearly $10.1 million during its opening weekend in 2005. Its lifetime worldwide gross as of April 2010 was $38... Read More »