Does the 1996 Toyota Camry have keyless door locks?

Answer According to MSN Autos, the 1996 Toyota Camry does not come standard with keyless door locks. However, consumers can have a keyless entry system installed on the vehicle through an auto specialty s... Read More »

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How many oxygen sensors does a 1996 Toyota Paseo have?

Prior to 1996, the four-cylinder Toyota Paseo had a single oxygen sensor located in the exhaust manifold, or in the front exhaust pipe near the exhaust manifold. Models from 1996 or later have at l... Read More »

Does a 1996 Toyota Camry have front-wheel drive?

All 1996 Toyota Camry models, including the V6 version, have front-wheel drive. From 1992 to 1996, the Camry came standard with a transverse front-engine, which powers the front wheels when you dri... Read More »

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What is a towing package on a Toyota?

Towing packages for Toyotas do more than just let the vehicles tow a trailer--they let the vehicles better cope with the stresses of pulling heavy loads. The specific components of a Toyota towing ... Read More »