How much hp does a cold air intake yield?

Answer A cold air intake can improve a vehicle's horsepower. Adding a cold air intake can yield up to 25 extra horsepower to your vehicle. A cold air intake can also improve gas mileage.Source:Cold Air In... Read More »

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What is cold air intake?

A cold air intake replaces the stock air intake piping and filter of a car's engine. These intakes allow the engine to take in a greater amount of air at a cooler temperature.Cone Air FilterA cold... Read More »

How much does a cold air intake save on gas?

The total gas savings for a car with a cold air intake installed is between 3 and 8 MPG. This savings depends heavily on driving habits and engine size.Source:What is a Cold Air Intake and Does It ... Read More »

What is the purpose of a cold air intake?

If you've ever had a car overheat, you know full well the heat that rises off the engine when you pop the hood. First came a lack of power, then steam. One way to avoid this is to install an option... Read More »

How much horsepower does a cold air intake add?

Cold air intakes commonly add between 8 and 16 horsepower to the factory horsepower rating for larger engines. Four-cylinder engines can average 4+ horsepower gains depending on the original horsep... Read More »