How much horsepower does the 700 platinum series briggs&stratton have?

Answer Sears states that the 700 platinum series Briggs and Stratton lawnmower motor has 7.0 foot-pounds of gross torque per millisecond. Horsepower Sports states one horsepower is equal to 550 foot-pound... Read More »

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How many horsepower is the 650 platinum series briggs&stratton?

Sears states the Briggs and Stratton 650 series is technically a gold series engine. It has 6.5 gross foot-pounds of torque per millisecond. One horsepower is equal to .55 foot-pounds of torque per... Read More »

Is Tiffany's platinum the same as any platinum?

Tiffany's platinum is similar to any platinum, but is a higher quality. Since it is certified 95 percent pure, Tiffany's platinum contains only 5 percent alloy. Tiffany's uses ruthenium to comprise... Read More »

Crankshaft Horsepower vs. Wheel Horsepower?

The term horsepower refers to the work power produced by cars or equipment. Car enthusiasts and manufacturers have two ways of measuring horsepower, at the wheel or at the crankshaft. Each method w... Read More »

What is better a tippmann 98 custom platinum series act etrigger or a tippmann 98 custom platinum series act response?

The question is not which is better, but rather what your preferance is. The etrigger will allow you to adjust your rate of fir (ie. semi-auto, full auto, and 3 round burst). Where as the response ... Read More »