How much horsepower does a nissan skyline have?

Answer The Nissan Skyline, sold originally in Japan, was introduced in the United States in 2009 and has a 485-horsepower twin-turbo V-6 engine. The U.S. model is available under two names: the GT-R and t... Read More »

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How much is a nissan skyline gtr?

The 2010 Nissan Skyline GTR MSRP is $80,790. Used, the 2008 Skyline GTR sells for around $65,000. Past generations of the Nissan Skyline sell for between $10,000 and $20,000 on average, with the ex... Read More »

How to Customize a Nissan Skyline?

The Nissan Skyline is a Japanese sports car that is easily customizable because there are many aftermarket parts available for it. Unfortunately, the Nissan Skyline was never brought to the United ... Read More »

What is the top speed of a Nissan Skyline?

The top speed of a Nissan Skyline GT-R is 185 miles per hour, according to a review on The Nissan Skyline is a high performance sports car that is also known by the nickname of "Godzi... Read More »

How fast does a Nissan Skyline go?

The Nissan Skyline is a twin-turbo sports car. It is produced in Japan and is not distributed in the United States. Its top speed is 145 miles per hour. The Skyline accelerates from 0 to 100 mph i... Read More »