How much horsepower does a Suzuki Katana 750 have?

Answer The Kitana GSX750 has a 750cc engine. Ninety-three horsepower is achieved at 10,500 RPM.Source:Katana GSX750 Specifications

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What is the horsepower of a Suzuki Katana 600?

The Suzuki Katana 600 delivers 80 horsepower. Derived from the original Suzuki GSX-R, the Katana 600 sports an advanced 16-valve engine, a Twin Swirl Combustion Chamber and the Suzuki Advanced Cool... Read More »

1997 Suzuki Katana on a 1998 katana?

You could ask your supplier if you can bring it back if it dont fit.He may charge a 'restocking'(handling) fee typically 10% or so

Suzuki Katana Specs?

The Katana is a popular model of motorcycle produced by the automotive company Suzuki. The Katana has a streamlined look common to racing bikes, what are sometimes referred to as "crotch rockets," ... Read More »

History of the Suzuki Katana?

The Katana is a line of sport-touring motorcycles produced and sold by Suzuki Motor Co. Originally designed as Suzuki's flagship sportbike, the Katana redefined the sport bike image and offered ra... Read More »