Crankshaft Horsepower vs. Wheel Horsepower?

Answer The term horsepower refers to the work power produced by cars or equipment. Car enthusiasts and manufacturers have two ways of measuring horsepower, at the wheel or at the crankshaft. Each method w... Read More »

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Is the Scion tC a sports car?

According to Princeton's WordNet, a sports car is defined as "a small, low car with a high-powered engine; usually seats two persons." The Scion tC is a four-seater with a 2.4L in-line four-cylinde... Read More »

Scion Oil Requirements?

Changing your own oil helps you save money on auto maintenance while ensuring a correctly performed oil change. Scion is a subdivision of the Toyota corporation; and as a result, Scion vehicles use... Read More »

How to Change Oil in a Scion TC?

Changing your oil at regular intervals, as suggested by your Scion's owner's manual, can go a long way in extending the life of your Scion and keeping the engine freshly lubricated. Doing this your... Read More »

Where is the IAT sensor on the Scion TC?

The IAT, or intake air temperature, sensor on the Scion TC is located inside the engine compartment. Look on the Scion's passenger side for air intake. The IAT is a spark-plug shaped sensor that go... Read More »