How much horsepower do NASCAR cars have?

Answer A NASCAR racecar has over 800 horsepower, according to This allows them to achieve speeds of close to 200 miles per hour on superspeedway tracks. One horsepower is the amount of energy ... Read More »

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How many mpg do the NASCAR cars get?

NASCAR race cars get about five miles per gallon of fuel. Between practice, qualifying and the race, NASCAR officials say that 6.000 gallons of gas are used during a normal race weekend.Source:Azce... Read More »

How many cars race in NASCAR?

For the Sprint Cup Series and the Nationwide Series, which are the top-two competitions in NASCAR, there is a 43-car limit for each race. A race can be run with fewer cars, but 43 is the maximum al... Read More »

How fast in mph do Nascar cars go?

The average speed of a Nascar racer varies from track to track and depends on the driver. For example at Talladega Speedway, which is considered to be the fastest Nascar track in the field, the fas... Read More »

How fast are NASCAR cars?

The fastest NASCAR car goes 247 miles per hour. As of 2009, the fastest qualifying lap was at over 192 miles per hour by Jimmy Johnson set at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.Source:World's Fastest NAS... Read More »