How much homemade food is enough for a dog?

Answer On One Hand: Dogs Have Specific Dietary NeedsIf you feed your dog what you eat yourself, you will end up with an unhealthy dog. Dogs need diets high in fats and proteins, along with the right amoun... Read More »

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How much food is enough to put in a hummingbird's feeder?

Because a hummingbird would rather starve than eat spoiled food, it is best to fill the feeder according to how much your hummingbirds eat. Fill the feeder at half capacity (e.g., 6 oz. for a 12 o... Read More »

Am I eating enough food?

As a guy who was too skinny, I could vote for pizza and doughnuts as a method for gaining weight. As for your diet (similar to mine) I'd highly recommend some more starches and protein in your diet... Read More »

Would i giant homemade cookie be a good enough present for bf of one month?

I think so. I think a month is too early for anything expensive or too personal. A large cookie is great,and homeade shows you thought about him and took the time to do it.I think homeade presents ... Read More »

If u wear gloves to make food and touch other surfaces are the gloves still clean enough to make food?