How much heat wattage should be used for a 45-gallon reptile tank?

Answer Heat lamps of under 60 watts are recommended for reptile enclosures with a width of 30 inches or less, and 100 watts are required for a 36 inch tank. A standard 45 gallon tank measures 36 1/4 inch... Read More »

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How much chlorine should be used for a 550-gallon pool?

On One Hand: How Much Chlorine To UseOrdinis claims that 1.5 ounces of granular chlorine should be used per 500 gallons every week. This is equal to .003 ounces of chlorine per gallon. Therefore, a... Read More »

How much chlorine should be used in a 1000 gallon pool?

A pool requires approximately one gram of granular chlorine per 22 gallons to be added twice weekly. The recommended amount of granular chlorine for a 1,000 gallon pool is 45 grams twice per week ... Read More »

What is the the average wattage for central heat&air?

According to Michael Bluejay, also known as "Mr. Electricity," the average two ton central heating and air conditioning system uses 3,500 watts per hour. On a hot day with the air conditioning on, ... Read More »

How much aquarium salt is used for a 30-gallon tank?

When setting up an aquarium, you need to add aquarium salt to set the salinity. Although the package instructions for commercial aquarium salt should be followed, in general, the proper salt additi... Read More »