How much hearing protection is needed when shooting?

Answer When shooting any type of gun or standing near others who are shooting, ear protection should be worn. When firing a gun, you should wear both earplugs and earmuffs at the same time, according to t... Read More »

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What is the best ear protection for handgun practice shooting?

On One Hand: Inexpensive Foam Ear PlugsFoam ear plugs are smooth, tapered, oblong shaped pieces of soft foam that slowly expand to the shape of your ear canal for a custom fit. A package of six pai... Read More »

I have ringing in 2 days after shooting, also slightly muffled hearing in my left ear. Is this permanent?

you should defienetly go see a doctor but it shouldnt be permenant i shot a ar-15 with no earbuds and my ears were ringing for about 2 days also but overtime i got my hearing back

Ringing in one ear and muffled hearing 2 days after shooting with only ear buds in.. Permanent Suggestions?

Brian, there is no way to know one way or the other. Some people with these symptoms and recent history have permanent tinnitus and hearing loss, and others do not. Even an EMT or audiologist (whic... Read More »

How to Select Hearing Protection?

Disposable ear plugs.Hearing protection is important because your ears are composed of very delicate structures. [1] Whether you are going out to woods to cut some wood with a chainsaw, going to sh... Read More »